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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NotTooPolished: GRANGER

It's Harry Potter's birthday today. So in honor of that, I have NotTooPolished's GRANGER, named for one of Harry's best friends, Hermione Granger. And, like Hermione, GRANGER sports the colors of Gryffindor -- a beautiful red-burgundy jelly base with square and hex shaped glitter dispersed throughout. I lurve it. 
Check out all of the depth in the bottle:
And here are three thin coats of GRANGER with one coat of Poshe fast dry topcoat. No undies in sight for this beauty.
Click "Read more" for additional swatches and information on where to purchase NotTooPolished lacquers!

 All photos were taken in artificial light, without flash.

GRANGER practically glows and appears to be lit from within when applied to the nails.

I genuinely love this polish and cannot wait for it to be closer to fall so I can add it to my rotation of burgundies, plums, and purples. Application was excellent, as is the application of all NotTooPolished lacquers that I have tried to date. If you don't have any of Elizabeth's lacquers, I would definitely recommend them to a friend. Not an enemy, 'cause they might gank a polish I want. 
NotTooPolished lacquers can be purchased on Etsy. And while you're perusing the internet, make sure to check out the Not Too Polished blog and Facebook page. Like the page to show some love!
Note: The product featured in this post was sent to me for my honest review.

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