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Friday, July 20, 2012

Rainbow Polish: Havasu

Did/Do you watch Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo? Remember when Vicki was still married to Don and they would take the kids to Lake Havasu and hi jinx would ensue? No?

Are you feeling like this?
Source: realitytvgifs
ANYWAYS. Rainbow Polish Havasu automatically made me think of Vicki and her lake and Don. And after I went off on a Real Housewives tangent in my head, I actually looked at the polish and though, "Whoa! This is pretty!"

And here is Havasu over Julep Amy:
It's like a beautiful beach and lake crept onto the nails!

Click "Read more" for additional swatches, Havasu mattified, and information on where to purchase Rainbow Polish!
All photos were taken in natural light, without flash, and show one coat of Julep Amy, one coat of Havasu, and one coat of Poshe fast dry topcoat. 
Here is Julep Amy, a creme teal:
 And here is the manicure with a matte topcoat!

Application was, for the most part, good. However I had a problem with the large copper hexes -- they have a strong curl and I had to flip the one that was on my middle finger. I fished out another to see if maybe it was a one-off but it also had a strong curl that required flipping for it to look okay on the nail. I know some people are really bothered by curling glitters and it's a non-issue for others, so I feel the need to point that out whenever I see it. 
The color combination is great and the name matches perfectly.
Rainbow Polish is available on Etsy and Big Cartel. While you're checking out what's offered on the intrawebs, make sure to swing by the Rainbow Polish Facebook page and show 'em some love by liking the page!
The item highlighted in this post was provided to me for my honest review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


  1. haha, I LOVE the Real Housewives!! You get super duper bonus points in my book for that :)

    but this mani is amazing, too! fabulous!

    1. Thanks! I went back and forth about adding to the post because I wasn't sure if it distracted too much from the polish but decided it was too funny not to keep in :)

  2. bahaha, love house wives and "the look" was a perfect fit. love the polish combo :) keep bloggin' away!

    1. Vicki makes some pretty amazing faces on that show!

  3. lol Im dying over your Real Housewives reference.

    1. I figured I probably have the right audience to have made it :)