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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Polished Intentions

Happy Sunday everyone!

I was recently contacted by Joanna of Polished Intentions to see if I'd be interested in some of her shop's collection and I jumped at the chance based on the photos on the Polished Intentions Etsy shop.

I received Iceburg Ahead, Embers, and Nightmares and Gemscapes, three creme based lacquers with glitter throughout.
 From left to right: Iceberg Ahead, Embers, and Nightmares & Gemscapes.
Click "Read more" for swatches of all three!

First up, Iceberg Ahead, a blue based lacquer with aqua shards/shreds. Sometimes shards can be tricky, but I didn't have any application problems with this one.

Photos show three coats of Iceberg Ahead with one coat of Poshe fast dry topcoat.

Embers! Embers was by far my favorite of the three. Look at the glow! Red and orange hexes are swimming in a creme plurple base. I'm not quite sure how Joanna got the polish to glow so beautifully -- maybe it's the contrast between the base and the glitter --  but it's gorgeous.
 Photos show two coats of Embers with one coat of Poshe fast dry topcoat.

And last but not least, Nightmares and Gemscapes. This is a black jelly with red, green, teal, and purple satin/matte glitter and smaller white glitter.
I opted to wear one coat of Nightmares and Gemscapes over one coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather and I was very happy with the result.
Application was good. I would definitely recommend waiting a minute or two between each coat, otherwise you will end up with a goopy mess. 

I really like polishes that I can wear on their own or layered over others, and that's true of all three I reviewed. Out of the three I tried, I would definitely consider Embers a "must buy" because it's unique and completely gorgeous. Iceberg Ahead and Nightmares & Gemscapes are good polishes in their own right but Embers was just such a standout beauty.

You can purchase Polished Intentions on Etsy. And don't forget to like the Polished Intentions Facebook page and check out the Polished intentions blog!

Note: the products in this post were provided to me for my honest review.

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  1. i really like that second one! it kinda has a 'hare polish' kind of vibe (: