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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amy's Nail Boutique: I Pity The Fool

Sorry for the late post today but I had a cranky kiddo who was not interested in sticking to bedtime whatsoever. 

On to the nail polish! I have another one from Amy's Nail Boutique this evening. Up tonight is I Pity The Fool, a coppery, golden holo glitter polish that is glowy and ethereal. Over the weekend it was pretty rainy and dreary and I wanted a warm and cozy polish. So I Pity The Fool was my choice and I was very happy with it.

Check out the glow for yourself! Bottle macros:

And here are three coats of I Pity The Fool, no undies, next to a window to pick up on the glow of the holo glitters:

Click "Read more" for additional swatches of I Pity The Fool alone, over black, and information on where to purchase this and other polishes from Amy's Nail Boutique.

The following photos all show three coats of I Pity The Fool with one coat of Seche Vite top coat. The were taken without flash next to a window on an overcast day.

Application, as with all of Amy's polishes that I own, was great. You will need to wait a little bit in between coats so as to not pull the glitter off, but no more than 30 seconds was necessary in my case.

And because I was curious, I tried I Pity The Fool over black to see how it would look as a topcoat:

I think that I liked I Pity The Fool so much on its own that over black was a slight "meh" for me. Not that it doesn't look good over black, but it's a knockout when left alone.

If you would like to purchase I Pity The Fool or another of Amy's creations, please check out her Etsy page.  To keep up on Amy's Nail Boutique updates, like her Facebook page! That's where you will find out information on new polishes, restocks, and other information.

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