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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Metametics Part 1: Fire Nation & Lannister Gold

I hope that everyone is having a lazy Sunday. It's too hot here to do anything outside so I'm catching up on indoor work, like organizing all of my swatch photos and taking care of all of the paperwork associated with starting a small business. On the plus side, that means I will hopefully be open for business soon. 

Recently I purchased 4 polishes from a relatively new store on Etsy: Metametics. I received Fire Nation, Lannister's Gold, Highly Functioning Sociopath, andGod of Mischief. From the Etsy shop:
Metametics lacquers are inspired by sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture. Made by geeks, for geeks!
Today I have Fire Nation and Lannister Gold. 

Fire Nation has a slightly orange-tinted jelly base and gold, orange, and red glitters of various sizes and shapes dispersed throughout. It is from Metametics' Avatar collection.

Lannister Gold is a gold-hued jelly with gold glitter of various shapes and sizes dispersed throughout. It is from Metametics' Game of Thrones collection.

Click "Read more" for swatches of Fire Nation and Lannister Gold and information on where to purchase Metametics lacquers!

Fair warning this post is a little picture heavy.

I opted to pair Fire Nation with OPI's A Roll In The Hague, an orange creme.

Fire Nation is a great glitter topcoat with a nice assortment of glitters. The larger gold hexes pop especially well in contrast to the smaller red hexes.

As a base for Lannister Gold, I chose China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, a yellow creme.

I didn't realize how much color was in Lannister Gold until I put it on my nails. As you can see it shifted Happy Go Lucky to a more golden yellow. It actually reminds me a lot of egg yolk, in a good way. Next time I use it I will try Lannister Gold on its own.
Some of the gold glitters in Lannister Gold were curving a little, as you can see on my index finger. Since I've only had the lacquers for a week I can't be sure if it's just a reflective curve or if the glitter is curling. But as of right now it was fine. 
All photos were taken in natural light with no flash, using one coat of a base coat, one coat of a Metametics polish, and one thick coat of Seche Vite topcoat. Application was fine. I didn't have problems with placing the glitters. You could definitely add another coat to get more glitter coverage if you wanted but I preferred the spaced-out nature of these lacquers compared to some of the glitter bombs I've been using lately.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Metametics polish coverage later this week!

If you are interested in purchasing Metametics polishes, visit Kas' Etsy shop. To stay updated on new polishes, restocks, and other news, make sure to Like the Metametics Facebook page.


  1. i love both of these layering combos! the glitters are so pretty as they are, it's so nice to see glitters that aren't loaded up with holographic chunks cause those can get really tiring after a while!

    1. Completely agree! It's good to remember that a lacquer doesn't have to be crammed to the lid with glitter in order to be beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad you enjoyed them, and Fire Nation looks surprisingly lovely over A Roll In The Hague! With regards to the curly glitter- please do let me know if they get any worse. I haven't had any issues with my test batches, but polish is can be a tricky thing!

    1. Kas it was my pleasure! I will have the other two polishes up on Tuesday. And I think that the glitter was just a reflective curve but I will let you know if that changes. Thanks for having such great customer service!

  3. I love these!!! Ohmygosh, I NEED Lannister Gold!! I love A Song of Ice and Fire!! :'D

    1. It's a really cool color I don't think I've seen anything like it on the market before.