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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pahlish: Fire in the Taco Bell

Have you ever heard the song Danger! High Voltage by the Electric Six? In case you don't listen to cool tunes, check it:

This is one of my favorite songs in the history of songs. What does this have to do with nail polish, you might be thinking. Well Pahlish's Fire At The Taco Bell takes its title from the chorus of Danger! High Voltage, already making it an amazing polish without ever having seen it. 

But it's a great polish based on what's in the bottle as well.
Fire In The Taco Bell has a orangey, pinkish, coral jelly base with various warm-toned hex and square glitters. It is one of those polishes that tends to shift colors depending on what light you are in, which makes me love it more.
 The light in the shot was too beautiful not to share:
 Here are two thick coats of Fire In The Taco Bell with one coat of Seche Vite top coat:
 Click "Read More" for additional swatches and information on where you can purchase Pahlish lacquers.

All photos were taken in natural light without flash. Application of Fire In The Taco Bell was great. The glitter dispersed evenly and I didn't have to do any kind of placement whatsoever. Pahlish's lacquers are some of my favorites and Fire In the Taco Bell just adds to the list of great ones that Shannon has created.

If you are interested in purchasing Pahlish's Fire In The Taco Bell or any other color, please check out Shannon's Etsy shop.  Or check out Pahlish's Facebook page to keep up to date on polish release dates and other info!


  1. wow, I've never realized this polish was that gorgeous! I want it now!
    love love love!!

    1. Yes it is really pretty. And it shifts colors ever so slightly, which I love.