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Friday, July 27, 2012

Dollish Polish: Spank You Very Much

It's Friday, b*tches! Let's get wild, let's get crazy, let's get lacquered up with Spank You Very Much! Anything with the word spank in its name is pretty much guaranteed to be amazing. And Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much fits into that. Even though Ace Ventura does nothing but thoroughly annoy me, I'll allow it to pass.

Spank You is a clear based lacquer with purple and pale blue hexes throughout.
Check out that marco:
And here we have Spank You over a jade green creme. Looks pretty great, huh? Not too much, not too little. Just right.
 Click "Read more" for additional swatches, information on my base coat, and where to buy Spank You Very Much!
All photos were taken in artificial light, without flash. For my base coat, I used Essie Incognito, a turquoise/jade creme. This is two coats.
Incognito is one of my favorite Essie lacquers and a go-to color when I don't  know what else to wear and don't just want to wear one of the billions (okay, probably a slight exaggeration)  of vampy colors I own.
I really like my finished result. Incognito compliments Spank You Very Much nicely and doesn't overpower it.
Application was great. Nothing too complicated about Spank You but sometimes you need a little simplicity. 

Dollish Polishes are available here.  They are also sold at Llarowe and Overall Beauty. You can also check out Dolly's Facebook page or Twitter to stay up to date on restocks, new polishes, and other news.


  1. Wow you chose great undies for this! I'll have to try this combo in the future!

    1. Thanks! Incognito is one of my favorites and Spank You was a fun topcoat. I would definitely recommend both.