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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two Birds One Store: Fly-Ceratops

Sometimes you purchase a polish because you've heard good things about it. Or because you trust the brand. Or love the color. And, every once in awhile, you buy a polish based on nothing but its name. That happened to me with Two Birds One Store Fly-Ceratops. Thankfully, it ended up working out really well for me :)

Fly-Ceratops has black, blue, and neon yellow-green matte hexes and makes a great topcoat. I'm not sure if you could build it up to wear on its own without having 4 coats, but it might be do-able.
Here is how I'm wearing Fly-Ceratops:

Click "Read more" for additional photos, the color I used as my base, and information on where to purchase Fly-Ceratops!

Here is two coats of Essie Mesmerize, a bright blue creme. Love this one.
The finished look shows two coats Mesmerize, one coat Fly-Ceratops, and one coat Poshe fast dry topcoat.
Application was great. This is a fun topcoat and I will definitely get a little more adventurous in my base colors next time I wear it.

If you want to grab up some Two Birds One Store lacquers, visit the Etsy shop! If there is a Facebook page or other link for this shop, I can't find it so if you know of one, please send it to me and I'll add it to this post.


  1. Love the combo of the base and the glitter. Really makes all the colors pop!

    1. Mesmerize plays very nicely with Fly-Ceratops, indeed!

  2. this is gorgeous! that Essie was made to have Fly Ceratops on it!