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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bam Nail Lacquer: Venusian Sunrise

I was so excited to receive my first purchase from Alicia at Bam Nail Lacquer last week and had a chance to swatch the polishes this weekend.

First up is Venusian Sunrise, a very sparkly and romantic pink jelly.

There are very fine bits of micro holo-glitter and subtle pink and purple hexagon glitters floating in romantic pink base.

Click "Read More" for swatches of Venusian Sunrise!

For all photos, I used three coats of Venusian Sunrise and one coat of Ulta X-Dry topcoat.

Here is an indoor shot:
And in the sun, right next to the window:

This polish could definitely be used to add some pizazz over any color of lacquer in the pink, purple, white, or gray families, but I really liked it on its own.

There was a slight bit of visible nail line in person and I don't think it would be an issue if a fourth coat had been applied.  I actually liked the sheerness of the polish.

I have a wedding to attend over the summer and Venusian Sunrise might be my lacquer of choice for the event.  It's just so romantic while still having a touch of glittery edge. 

At this time, there isn't a Bam Nail Lacquer Facebook page, but if you are interested in contacting Alicia directly, please email her at BAMNailLacquer@gmail.com.

I let Alicia know that I would be swatching some of her polishes and she was professional, fast to respond, and interested in feedback.  So show some love for this great indie polish brand by checking out Bam Nail Lacquer's Etsy shop

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