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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cult Nails: Power Thief & Pahlish: Your Silver Lining Combo

As I've stated before, I really like Cult Nails. It's a great brand run by a great woman and they have a whole bunch of brown polishes, which are my new favorite color.

So today I have Cult Nails Power Thief. Power Thief has amazing little flecks of silver throughout that take a basic brown polish to a whole new level.

Check out the bottle macro. And no, Power Thief doesn't have any purple glitter in it, that's just my bad.
 And here are two coats of Power Thief with one coat of a random topcoat. <3
The silver in Power Thief lends to the polish appearing lighter or darker, depending on how the light hits it. Below shows Power Thief at the lightest I saw it:
 It's beautiful no matter what shade it's showing. 

So as you might have noticed since you are reading this blog and literate, I mentioned Pahlish Your Silver Lining in the title. Yet, I haven't shown Your Silver Lining yet. Well this was initially just supposed to be a post about Power Thief, but I apparently really like Cult Nails/Pahlish combos because I have another one.

Click "Read more" for swatches of Pahlish Your Silver Lining over Power Thief!

So here is Power Thief:

And here is Pahlish Your Silver Lining. 
 Check out this macro. Beautiful silver holos in bars, hexes, and squares, and bursts of other colors, all in a slightly milky base.

It's been sitting in my swatch bin for a little bit now. I had initially swatched it over white and wasn't in love with it. It's a very beautiful polish, but it was sort of plain looking over white and I've been waiting for an opportunity to amp it up a little bit. 

So after I had finished my Power Thief mani, I tried Your Silver Lining over top. And loved it!

Here is one coat of Your Silver Lining over two coats of Power Thief.

This is a great combo and I love both brands, so even better!

You can purchase Cult Nails here, and check out the Cult Nails blog or Facebook page.

And you can purchase Pahlish lacquers at Shannon's Etsy shop.  Or check out Pahlish's Facebook page to keep up to date on polish release dates and other info!

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