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Sunday, June 17, 2012

NailsIT: Carolyn

It's a lazy Sunday around here. Which means not showering until well into the afternoon, lounging around, flipping through the paper (does anyone else still get the paper?), and taking afternoon naps when no one has really done anything to warrant a nap.

So today I have a another dreamy polish from NailsIT, Carolyn, from her Dark Shadows collection. Carolyn is a shimmery blue lacquer with either white or slightly holographic glitter shards. I can't tell whether the blue base has a holo quality or if its the glitter, but either way it's very pretty. This is another polish that shows you don't need a glitter bomb (even though I love glitter bombs) to be beautiful.
Bottle marco shot:

And here are three coats of Carolyn with one coat of OPI topcoat:

Click "Read more" for additional swatches and information where to purchase Carolyn and other NailsIT lacquers!

All photos were taken in natural light, without flash. Carolyn is on the sheer side. I probably could have gone with a fourth coat but I really hate applying anything more than three because I don't have the patience to wait through the dry time.

Application of the polish itself was great. Carolyn went on smoothly. My only qualm is that the brush in Carolyn isn't the best -- it had a couple bristles that were longer than the others which made it a little difficult to work with, but nothing major. I actually took a pair of scissors and trimmed them down and that solved my problem. It definitely wouldn't deter me from purchasing NailsIT lacquers in the future.

You can purchase NailsIT lacquers here. And also be sure to like the NailsIT Facebook page.


  1. Thank you so much!!! I'm sorry your brush got away with crazy bristles. I've been hand trimming them before I use them, but with so many orders I'm afraid some are slipping through. I'm going to order new bottles and hope to get better brushes. Please let me know if I need to replace it.

    Thank you SO much. :)

    1. It was no big deal for me but thanks for being willing to provide great customer service!