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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainbow Honey: Hoof Wrassle & Koi Pond

I love OPI's Germany Collection. The color variety is great and it still manages to be a cohesive collection. One color included in the collection is a fiery orange,  Deutsch You Want Me Baby? The swatch photo shows two coats. No topcoat. It's so shiny on its own that it doesn't need one.

 Click "Read more" for swatches of Hoof Wrassle and Koi Pond over Deutsch You Want Me Baby!

Rainbow Honey describes Hoof Wrassle, part of the Equestria Collection, as a "shimmery copper orange base studded with gold, copper, and orange hex and square glitter, and a sprinkling of iridescent and holographic glitters." And I couldn't describe it any better if I tried. Here is one coat of Hoof Wrassle over two coats of Deutsch You Want Me Baby? with one coat of Seche Vite topcoat.

And here is Koi Pond. The name is spot on with this one -- it has a clear base and is filled with orange, black, blue, and aqua hex glitters of various sizes. Love it. This is two coats of Koi Pond over Deutsch You Want Me Baby? (Also, I'm continuously annoyed with OPI throughout this post for adding a question mark as part of a polish name. It's driving me crazy to end statements with a question mark). I did need one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite to make this one smooth because the glitters are rather hungry.

This was my first experience with Rainbow Honey, even though they've been around for a little bit. It's all about spotless execution of the details with Rainbow Honey. The packaging is brilliant, the website professional, the collections well thought. Application of both lacquers was great and I can't wait to layer Koi Pond over some other base colors.

My only (minor) qualm with Rainbow Honey is the cap on the mini bottles. It's a little clunky to hold because the brush is smaller to fit in the mini bottle. It's so minor that I almost didn't mention it, but as always want to provide readers with as much information as possible.

Rainbow Honey polishes are available here. You should also check out the Rainbow Honey Facebook page for updates and other great information.

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